History of the Macopin Vol. Fire Co.

Fire House Upper Macopin, N.J. in 1928

In the early part of 1927, a group of interested citizens got together and agreed that Macopin and the surrounding area needed adequate fire protection. At that time, the only fire company in town was Greenwood Forest and with the increase in population in the Macopin area it was decided it was time to take action.

A committee of four, which included Joseph Gerrity, Joseph Scott, Harry Newman and William McKenny Sr. were elected to raise the necessary funds to purchase a piece of fire fighting apparatus. Funds were successfully solicited from the residents in the area and Macopin purchased its first fire truck, a 1915 Rio for $325.00. This truck carried one hose reel, two 40 gallon soda and acid tanks, ladders and lanterns. All those who donated towards the drive for funds for this truck became  charter members.

As soon as it was known that a fire truck was to be purchased, the Macopin Vol. Fire Co. was formally organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey as a
"incorporate association not for pecuniary profit formed for the purpose of
protecting life and property from fire".

During the early planning stages of the fire company, the meetings were held at the home of William McKenny Sr. who was acting chairman. The Rio fire truck was kept in McKenny's barn until a firehouse could be built on a suitable site.

Finally, in the latter part of 1927, a piece of land was donated by Walter F. Vreeland and C. W. Vreeland issued the first mortgage to enable the men to construct the firehouse.

The Newark Watershed Commission, who at the time were developing their vast holdings, had to tear down a number of homes on their property. They donated all the lumber that was needed for the new firehouse. All the firemen donated a few days of labor and with work completed in early 1928, the Rio was then moved into the new firehouse.

In those early days the territory covered by the Macopin Vol. Fire Co. was not only limited to West Milford Township but also extended into parts of Morris and Sussex Counties. Today the area protected doesn't extend as far, but Macopin still covers approximately 16 sq. miles.

The first alarm systems were old locomotive wheel shoes that were placed around the area. Later in 1928 a siren was purchased for $125.00 and a tower donated by the City of Newark. In 1965, when the Township inaugurated its central alarm system, a second siren was added.

In 1932, a 1931 Dodge chassis was purchased and the equipment from the Rio was transferred to this truck. In 1941, the Dodge was retired and Macopin bought its first new truck, a 1941 American LaFrance.

During the years that followed, it was quite evident that a second truck was needed because of the growing population in the area. Around 1950, a 1929 Ahrens Fox was purchased from the City of Paterson. In 1962, the company purchased its second brand new fire truck, a 1962 John Bean.

Macopin added a 1949 Ford 1300 gallon. Tanker in 1964 and a year later a 1954 1800 gallon. Tanker. The addition of the Tankers meant that an addition was needed to the firehouse. In 1965, a 30' x 60' two bay addition was completed.

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