Roll-over Kitchell Lake Dam 12-23-06


On Saturday December 23, 2006 at about 6 pm, Company 4 responded to a pick-up truck overturned onto it's roof in the Kitchell lake spillway on Westbrook Rd.

The pick-up truck was traveling west on Westbrook Rd when it ran off the right side of the roadway across a grassy part of the dam, then struck the spillway's cement wall causing it to rollover and land on it's roof in the spillway part of the Kitchell lake dam. The driver was not injured in the wreck. Hazmat booms were placed down stream to contain a small fluid leak from the engine of the overturned truck.

The towing company arrived on scene and was unable to get their tow truck up on the dam due a heavy mud condition as a result of heavy rainfall earlier in the day. A back-hoe was called to drag the pick-up truck to the edge of the dam, then the back-hoe dragged the tow truck up onto the dam so it could pull the truck off the spillway. 

Photos submitted by West Milford Fire Department photographer Raymond Shattuck

All photos copyright © 2006 Macopin Volunteer Fire Company

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