Medevac Landing 9-10-06


On Sunday, September 10, West Milford Emergency units responded to a serious motorcycle accident on Route 23 (south) and Doremus Road.

The first-arriving police officer requested a second EMS unit from the West Milford First Aid Squad, Paramedics (ALS 901) from Chilton Hospital and the West Milford Police Dept.'s Accident Investigation Unit. Within minutes, the officer also requested two medevacs.

West Milford Fire Dept.'s Company 2, 1 and 4 were dispatched to assist and to secure a landing zone at a local school. At the request of ALS 901, the landing zone was moved to the scene and both helicopters landed on Route 23.

Morristown's Atlantic "Air One" helicopter was first to touch down and landed on Route 23 south, just south of Doremus Road. The N.J. State Police helicopter, "NorthStar" landed on Route 23 north, just north of Doremus Road.

Route 23 was completely shut down for approximately 30 minutes.

Both victims were flown to Morristown Hospital.


Photos submitted by West Milford Fire Department photographer Raymond Shattuck

All photos copyright © 2006 Macopin Volunteer Fire Company

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